Medikine, Inc. is a privately-held, seed-stage biotech with the mission of discovering agonists (i.e., activators) of clinically relevant cytokine receptors.  Illustrating the clinical importance of cytokine receptor modulation, inhibition of cytokine receptor activity has led to some of the most valuable pharmaceutical products of the last three decades – e.g. Humira and Enbrel for rheumatoid arthritis, and Avastin and Herceptin for cancer.  Development of activators of cytokine receptors has proven more difficult, and so many product opportunities with potentially significant clinical benefit remain unrealized. Medikine is utilizing a proprietary platform to identify a novel class of cytokine receptor agonists that are low molecular weight peptides, unrelated in sequence to the natural cytokine proteins, which can be engineered to have fewer side effects and greater efficacy than the natural cytokines.

Discovery Programs.

Medikine is prosecuting two discovery programs:

  • Medikine’s most advanced program is for the discovery of drug candidates useful for the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as IBD, RA, and MS; Medikine compounds will suppress autoimmunity by modulating T-cell activities, including activation of T-regulatory cells (Tregs) and suppression of certain populations of T-helper cells, to limit inappropriate immune responses that can lead to autoimmunity; current treatments for IBD, RA, and MS suffer from often having significant side effects and poor efficacy

  • Medikine has also made significant progress in identifying potential drug candidates having the potential to slow the progression of, and potentially reverse, fibrosis associated with kidney disease; kidney fibrosis occurs in several chronic diseases such as diabetes and lupus, and frequently results in the need for life-changing treatments such as dialysis and kidney transplant; there are no FDA-approved drugs for kidney fibrosis


Medikine's experienced management team is composed of scientist-entrepreneurs who have successfully worked together in previous companies to obtain financing, build teams, invent and employ drug discovery technologies, and develop drugs through human trials and FDA-approval. 

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